Facebook Reach, Engagement and Insights


Once again Business Pages on Facebook have been questioning their Reach and Engagement.  It appears that Brand pages are appearing less and less in the news feed.

Numbers are not adding up and I am seeing a lot of comments like this  – “How can I have 6 LIKES + 1 share on a post & have a reach of ‘4’.   “What is wrong with my reach I have 3 likes & 2 comments but only reach 1 ??”  And this one -” How can I have  12 Likes, 5 shares, 9 comments and FB says 6 people reached!”

Let my try to explain as there can be several factors that are effecting your REACH.  Firstly you need to understand how Reach is calculated.


Post Reach is the number of people who have seen your post. Your post counts as reaching someone when it’s shown in  their News Feed. Figures are for the first 28 days after a post was created and include people viewing your post on desktop and mobile.

Organic Post Reach  Is the viewing of your Posts by fans or non fans in the news feed.

Viral Reach/Engagement  Is when your fans share, like or comment on your post and their friends see this activity in the News Feed

Paid Reach  Is when you pay to have a post boosted and it is shown in the news feed to those you have specifically targeted.


The sum of post reach won’t equal total reach because Pages can reach people through content other than posts. For example, if someone visits a Page after searching for it, they’ll be counted in total reach but not post reach. Also, if someone sees more than one Page post, they’ll be counted in post reach for each post they see, but they’ll only be counted once in total reach.


People engaged is the number of unique people who’ve clicked, liked, commented on or shared your Page posts.


In the Reach section of Insights, the Hide, Report as Spam and Unlikes graph shows you actions that decreased the number of people you reached. 

A few examples of why the numbers are not adding up:

You create your post, and you like it, then you get your page to like it, then you have another page that you manage to like it – this will result in 3 likes but a zero reach. Note that until it appears in the timeline/news feed of a unique person, it has not reached anyone. Now just say someone is searching for the type of service you offer and they land on your page. They like your page and the post but even though their like will show as engagement, the total reach is the only number that will increase – your post reach will still remain at zero.

OR – You create your post, and you get your network of friends to like, comment and share to the point where it becomes spam to another user, if they hide that post, or report it as spam you will see a decrease in your Reach,

OR-Some days even Facebook experiences glitches – not only in Metrics either, I have experienced lack of images, posts and even being unable to load Facebook. This has got to effect your figures.

Why Reach is decreasing overall and how you can increase it.

Most Facebook users are fans of over 300+ brand pages, and can have anywhere between 100 and 1000 friends. So Facebook simply cannot generate all of these possible posts in a users news feed. We are only shown posts from friends and pages that we engage with the most.

 Facebook is growing daily with new brands being created and each one of these is fighting for a place in your news feed. Most of them are opting into advertising to achieve this, therefore cluttering up our news feed with more advertising and reducing all the posts from pages we use to typically see.

There is also that dip in Reach that tends to happen around the last day or first day of the month – I am suspicious that it may have something to do with the fact that Facebook runs on Pacific standard time, for example it is 11.30am here in Sydney Australia but in Facebook time it is 6.30pm the previous day. Also when I compare each Post Reach on my page to the Post Reach Graph in Insights they do not report the same figures for corresponding dates.

So how can you increase Reach without advertising?

Study your Insights and use the data to find out what time your Fans are mostly online and create posts within that time frame.

Compare published Posts in Insights to find out what kind of Posts your fans are most interested in, I have more success with Links but another page may find Images or Text work better for them.

Provide the user with good quality content that will hopefully go Viral via Engagement.

Encourage your fans to share and comment on your content – I have seen some great competitions that have helped to build a Brands Reach.

Advise your fans that by checking the Receive Notifications, drop down box, they will stay updated with your Page.

Finally have them add your Page to an Interest list that they can check regularly and therefore not miss your Posts

BUT ……..

Personally, I think Facebook wants us to become obsessed with our Reach, and as we watch it decline, we are more likely to advertise by boosting our posts, to build those numbers back up to where they once were.

So stop worrying about your Reach and look at your overall performance. Most of us have Websites and that is where our business as a whole, is on showcase. It is better for SEO to direct a customer to your website to purchase your product, or book your service then to be concerning yourself with Post REACH.

NOTE: This has just appeared in my Facebook Page Insights – 3/7/14

Known Issue
There is a discrepancy in the engagement and reach metrics for all Page Posts and Boosted Posts between 5/30 and 6/30. We are working to resolve the issue as soon as possible.