SEO tips to use Twitter







With over 100 million active Twitter accounts Twitter provides social media communication and information in real time.

So how do you go about becoming a part of this constantly growing world wide community.

Go to

Create an Account

Choose a username – 15 characters or less (your real name can be 20 characters)  and can include letters, numbers and underscore.

Provide an email address and password.

Verify your confirmation email.

Write a short BIO -160 characters or less.

Design your profile page and header.

Search for other interesting twitter accounts and follow them

Get tweeting.


TIPS to optimise your Twitter account for Search engines.

1. Use your Real Business or Brand name as your username, this helps to increase rankings in the  search engines. Your username is what your followers will use when sending @replies, mentions or private messages.

2. Use your Company logo or personal picture, whichever your market identifies you most with.

3. Include your website URL and keywords in your Bio description – Make it attention grabbing. 160 characters max.

4. Use your twitter profile link – in your blog’s, website, business cards and all promotional material.

5. Use inbound links in your tweets to generate traffic to your site and increase authority.

6. If you have a blog be sure to tweet links to your posts and use keyword attention grabbing lead in’s.

7. Respond to your followers questions (if you can) with content filled landing pages on your website to answer the customer. This not only increases website hit rankings but can generate sales or leads for your business.

8. Use keywords creatively in your tweets to boost search rankings.

9. Twitter presence is not measured by time but by value. Post valuable content and not spam about your product or service.

10. Build your voice and reach by Retweeting, replying and mentioning others in your content.