Social Media has become a very important part of  your website/Brands, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy.We are now seeing more social media results in organic listings in the search engines and Google and Bing are said to incorporate social signals into their algorithms as relevant.

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube  – whichever platform you use (I suggest you use them all to your full advantage) make sure you are adding engaging content that others will want to share with their connections.

Business’s that share great content socially and engage their fans to share/like/retweet or google+ that content, will earn a social rankings boost and earn natural back links from the contents visibility therefore improving their ranking in organic search listings.

This in turn earns them more followers/fans which extends the reach of this and future content adding more authority to the Brand/Service.

There is an ever increasing number of people using social media on their mobile phones, so if you do not have your brand out there you are missing out on a very large part of your audience.

Here are some Important Tips to intergrate SEO in Social Media

Use your targeted keywords and phrases in your social media campaigns and content.

Create engaging content that is relevant to your fans/followers.

Always add social media connect and share buttons to your website and content pages.

Share your optimised Blog posts, images, video’s across all social media platforms.

Never ever purchase Fans/followers. It is not about the highest number a page or profile has, but about those that will engage with you on social media sites.

Always measure your strategies/campaigns for success.

Social Media SEO