I would highly recommend Vicki in regards to any aspect of SEO.  Vicki conducted a SEO review on my website, which was extremely helpful in terms of not only making suggestions what to do to improve my SEO, but she was also more than happy to answer any questions in order to help me understand the concepts and WHY the changes were needed.

Vicki Frittman from Educating Webs produced a full site review for my website , scrutinising the SEO potential and reporting on all of the different ways that I could improve my site SEO.  This included an analysis and SEO recommendations for each and every information page and main product categories, which I was then able to implement myself. I can very happily say that this led to a large increase in the number of visitors to my website, which was the desired outcome.

As well as providing an SEO report, Vicki tested the overall shopping experience and ease of use of my website, giving valuable recommendations on how to improve and streamline the service that I offer.

I strongly recommend that anyone who wishes to improve their website SEO to contact Educating Webs.

“Educating Webs has been fantastic at helping me to learn as well as implement SEO strategies within our small physiotherapy business.  It has been wonderful being able to work through each process, at the pace that I needed.  I found Educating Webs to have both the knowledge and the skills required to teach me what I need to know to continue on with the SEO for our website, as well as providing me with social media tips too.  Unlike other SEO companies that want to charge you ongoing fees to manage your SEO for you, Educating Webs makes it easy to learn how you can be in control of SEO yourself – which is very empowering for a small business owner such as myself.  I highly recommend Educating Webs to everyone that is looking to improve their SEO and internet presence.  Thank you so much Educating Webs!”