I work a bit differently then most SEO companies.I believe that everyone can apply SEO to their website, and the best way to gain that knowledge whilst having your own website optimisation review, is in a one on one session with Educating Webs. My sessions explain the What, Where, Why and How to of  (SEO) Search Engine Optimisation and what you can do to have your site ranked higher in the Search engine results pages.

From past experience I have found that the clients I worked with, even though I provided them with an easy to read report, found it a major task to follow through with all my recommendations. They did not have the time to read the report, let alone implement it.Those that did saw pleasing results and were able to continue updating there site, without my help.

The time involved and cost to the client for reviewing their Sites SEO was high, and the reports, because they were so detailed and included education, added even more to the cost. I wanted to be able to offer an efficient, cost effective service that provided Search Engine Optimisation for the clients site whilst educating them in the process.

This is where Educating Webs service steps in, as I believe more can be achieved in a one on one session whilst reviewing the clients website optimisation and seo internet marketing profiles.

We come to you, via personal visit if you are in the Sydney area, or you can book a Skype/Telephone call session. Together we will go through and review your Websites search engine optimisation (main focus is homepage), which you can then follow through onto further pages.

We take you through the process of on page and off page SEO, review your keywords, page title and descriptions, meta tags including many other areas that create a quality website that visitors can find in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS) and want to revisit.

If you are a small business, start up business and need assistance, we are more then happy to help. You will be surprised what you can learn in a couple of hours.

Phone Vicki on 0405 134599 for a chat or send us an email

Home office visit $100 for the first hour (this includes $20 travel fee) and $80 per hour after that (must be in the same session)

Telephone/Skype session $80 per hour