Pinerly for PinterestHave you ever wanted to track your pins or boards on Pinterest. You can with Pinerly

What is Pinerly?

Pinerly provides tools to help you measure your pins and boards via a campaign on Pinterest. It is a bit like Google Analytics.

Here is a brief excerpt from the Pinerly story……

“The idea of Pinerly came from a single question: “why is it so hard to find a good strategy for marketing on social media sites?” There are a lot of tools, but too many of them are really complicated. We were marketing our own brand ( with the goal of reaching a larger audience. Our strategy was: post -> measure -> optimize, and then iterate until we reached our traffic goals.

This was when we stumbled across Pinterest, started to market our product, and noticed a 30% increase in our traffic! This was huge! But our biggest pain was having very little insight into which pins actually worked and which didn’t. We knew that by building a platform with the easiest way to post and measure content, we would leave ourselves with more time to optimize our posts. This is the foundation of Pinerly.”


I too experienced an increase in my sales from Pinterest and it was not easy to determine which boards and pictures were generating this traffic.

Sure I was getting repins but how many were clicking through to my website.

Lucky for me I was invited via Twitter to be a part of the Beta testers in early June 2012 and I have been able to track to see what engages my followers the most.

With Pinerly you can start a campaign with a single Pin, Image, destination URL and a description and measure it. You can compare which pins are working best for you. You will see your Clicks, Likes, Repins and Reach in your Pinerly analytics dashboard.

You can post campaigns on the fly with the Pinerly Bookmarklet pin by dragging it to your bookmarks bar. When you see an image that you want to pin – just push the “Pinerly it” button to pin your image.

This is such a valuable tool for marketers and it is only going to get better as it continues to grow in 2013.

Join Pinerly today and start measuring your success on Pinterest.