Have you forgotten about your Other  messages. It is located in your Facebook messages inbox and the Other link, sits to the right in grey.

I had forgotten all about mine. It is generally, or so I thought the section where all Spam messages are sent but if you are contacted by someone that is not your friend then that message will land it’s way there.

I had 99+ messages, going back 4 years to 2009.  Some were from people who I am friends with, Brand and Business Pages that I do LIKE, so I am not sure what triggers a message to end up in this Other Messages Section.

I also had  Facebook spam messages from admirers, and others that were trying to sell me something or other… Perhaps that is where the Other tag has come from.

Well to my surprise on checking the Other messages section I saw a message from a lady letting me know I had won a gorgeous pendant of my choice on her business Page. I checked it out to verify and Yes indeed I was the lucky winner.

So the moral of this post is – remember your Other messages as you never know what awaits you.

Never click on any links that seem suspicious.

Facebook Messages Inbox

Facebook Other Messages