Interest lists or not?   That is the question…..

Lists are not new to Facebook, I have had my family in a list for a long time so that I never miss their news, but recently we have seen Facebook roll out Interest lists for pages.

Which has prompted many Facebook business pages to have posts encouraging their fans to add them to an interest list. Is this a good or a bad thing?

Well, if your fans do add you to a list, but do not check their lists then you have lost out. As page posts in lists seem to only appear randomly in the News Feed.

If you put some thought behind it and encourage your fans to create lists of interests that they will check when logged into Facebook you may be able to continue to market to them successfully.

So how do you do that?

You could appeal to them to create interest lists to be more organised – a bit like Pinterest where we have designated boards for each interest, or Google circles where we can place contacts into relevant circles and therefore not confuse business with pleasure.

The lists could be: – Your favourite Kids stores, Local Services, Sale Pages, Sewing and craft groups etc…….

Encourage them that this will clean up their News Feed so to speak, because when your business is having a sale or churning out a high number of posts for that day they will be able to go to one area (their list) where they can see these posts without distraction from other posts in the mix of their feed.

Your lists can be public so that others can subscribe to them. Perhaps business’s in the same genre could network and combine themselves into a list and promote that list to be subscribed to across Facebook.

I personally have created lists of interests from subscribed or liked pages. (You do not need to like a page in order to subscribe to them or add them to a list) I then add these lists to my favourites to keep them up the top of my Facebook home page. You can even do a search on Facebook for your certain interests – you may find pages that you did not know exist.

NOTE: The decision to have fans add you to a list is yours. As long as you can continue to engage your fans your page reach will continue to increase.

Feel free to share our graphic on your page to show fans how easy it is to set up a list.

The inclusion of Interest Lists for pages on Facebook prompts me to question…. Will Subscriptions be the new Like?  – will pages no longer be counting their likes but counting the number of subscriptions?

We shall see as Facebook continues to evolve.


Interest list for facebook pages graphic by educating webs