Codes for facebook characters for messaging and chat

This set of  image codes can be used in messages and chat on facebook.

With everything from Jackie Chan to Pikachu, you will have fun using these when chatting or messaging your friends.

Facebook can see that we all want to brighten up our communication in our newsfeeds. Everyone is loving this new feature and cannot wait to try it.

We have also created a post on the codes for coloured smiley’s and hearts and other fun images such as a shark, that can be used when commenting on posts at facebook as well as messages and chat.


Chuck Norris [[46637413257]]
Not Bad Obama [[169919399735055]]
Yaoming [[218595638164996]]
Jackie Chan [[254055957957388]]
Domo Kun [[250128751720149]]
Spongebob [[334954663181745]]
Pikachu [[326134990738733]]
Pokeball [[236147243124900]]
Shin Chan [[196431117116365]]
Hello Kitty [[332936966718584]]
Nyan Cat [[NyanCatLove]]