What a great surprise today when I saw the new feature of adding to your status updates emoticons for –

How your Feeling……

What your Watching……

What your Listening to……..

Eating and Drinking.

There are some cool little pics and they have covered quite a few areas to express yourself with the smiley faces.

Just Click on the Smiley face in your status update box and start selecting. No codes required. (see 1st image)

When you choose a book, TV Series,  movie, certain artist,  food or drink,  if they are connected on Facebook you will then pull the information from that page and it will add the link below your status – See 2nd Image below.



Facebook Status update Emoticon

So make sure you have all your relevant keywords placed in your information on your business page so that you too can be apart of a status update. It will be very interesting to see if this evolves even more.

Have fun with it, I know I have.