Pinterest Secret Boards as a Marketing tool

How to make Secret boards on Pinterest work for your business, as a marketing tool.

Everyone likes to be part of an exclusive group or secret society, so by inviting customer/clients to your secret board on Pinterest you can create an area that will provide this sense of exclusivity.

Here are some ways that you could use your Secret boards….


1. Pin pictures of new products available for pre-order only for your special customers.

2.  Have secret sales by pinning pictures including links direct to website for purchase. You could even make these special website pages hidden from your general clientele, so that only those from your secret board have access to them.

3. Invite customer/clients to your secret board as an exclusive focus group who wish to contribute feedback. Reward them for participating by offering discounts etc…

4. If you were a travel agent or accommodation provider you could pin images of exclusive holiday destinations and rental accommodation, at special rates, only available to your secret board members.

5. As an educator or mentor, pin informative info graphics only for those in your special group.

6. Pin inspiration and motivation graphics for clients being mentored.

7. Run exclusive competitions on your board, as you can open the board up to your invitees so they too can pin to it.

There can be many ways to use these boards you just have to think outside of the box.

Pinterest is a valuable social media tool and it is Free. Let’s face it we are all aware that images do out perform text for engagement. So by inviting your audience to an exclusive area of images, you are creating a buzz around your brand/company and hopefully clicks through to your website.

I think sometimes with all this social media engagement  on Facebook, twitter etc… we forget the real purpose of our Internet existence which is our website where we need the most activity to take place.