Facebook has New Reactions

Facebook Reactions are about to be introduced, giving you options to react to posts in 6 New different ways, you will be able to do more than just LIKE a post.

It has already been integrated it into the Insights for Pages and possibly rolled out to a few to test. I found it whilst checking my own insights on a rather active post.

Facebook Reactions

Facebook Reactions

So as you can see we can react with









This will be rolled out to one and all very soon.

I am guessing it came about as an addition to the Like button, to replace the idea that a Dislike button should be added to the news feed.

Apparently you will only be able to add one reaction per post and they will appear as an emoji.

These New Facebook Reactions are rather quirky, but then again I must say I have used them all myself, as text in a comment or two, and have seen others do the same. Perhaps this is where Facebook came up with those reactions.

It makes you wonder though, if there will be less chit chat on Facebook and more reactions to posts.

Facebook Reactions