Keyword tool research

Keywords are the words or phrases that are used throughout your site to generate targeted organic web traffic and potential sales or company goals. They are the words used when a customer/client searches for your product or service using a search engine such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing.

They are extremely important to your sites SEO so choose wisely and always research the word or phrase to check the popularity and competition.

You can perform Keyword research by using the Google Adwords Keyword planner, (which is free) or a paid version from Wordtracker which does offer a free trial.

Lets say for example, I sell indoor and outdoor pots, so I know that my keywords should include pots. But what sort of pots should I say? Indoor? Outdoor? Clay? Ceramic? Which term is going to bring me the volume of traffic I want, and be able to convert them to customers?

Using Google’s Keyword tool I begin my search by selecting {exact} match and selecting my locality for monthly searches. I only sell to Australia so I am not looking for global customers.

I then would research the keyword, pots, to check what sort of pots most people are searching for.

I find the phrase “Garden pots” has a high local monthly search, Terracotta pots has reasonable search traffic and low competition for this term. These are the kind of keywords I would use. (of course using the term Terracotta pots – would have to be a type of pot that I actually sell)

I check the term Indoor pots only to find it has a very low search volume, outdoor pots performs a little better- so either will not be one of my main keywords. Though terms I will still use in content on my site.

I continue my search to find the best keyword ideas for my business. Breaking down different phrases and selecting different words to see what the search results, and competition is. I compile a list of keyword phrases (or you can download files) so that I can work it into the page titles, page descriptions, the meta’s and content on my site.

I come across a well searched for term with medium competition, that is Garden Ideas, now that would make a great blog/page title, backed up with informative content all about different Garden Ideas. This sort of content will be useful to my customers and help increase my organic search traffic. I could even invite customers to share their best Garden Ideas hence creating a buzz around the business.

If I had a local shop front or garden service I would include my locality in my Keywords.

So you see how important Keyword research is to your businesses SEO РYou want the search engines to know exactly what your business is about and by choosing the correct keywords you are going to drive the most  targeted traffic to your sight.

In our next article you will learn where to use your keywords.