Windows 10

I have been using Windows 10 for a couple of weeks now and I must say that I love it. It certainly beats Windows 8 hands down.

The Start Menu has returned which is a bonus as trying to bring the charm bar across in Windows 8 to change settings, search or power down was a real pain.
Within Windows 10 start menu, that is located at the bottom left of your screen, you have all your App tiles.  I like this set up as it is clean and easy to see. You can drag and drop them into groups, turn them on and off, and by clicking on All apps you get a menu that is alphabetically ordered to easily locate the App you are looking for.
You also have access to your Settings, which is like a simpler form of the Control Panel.  You will find System, Devices, Network and Internet, Personalisation, Accounts, Time and Language, Ease of Access, Privacy and Updates and Security.
Your Files are also located in the start menu. By clicking on the arrow on File Explorer it will open a new section showing you your Jump List, which consists of your Pinned and frequently used files or just click on File Explorer to open a window that contains all files.

File Explorer Windows 10

Next to the Start menu, is a very new feature – she is called Cortana and I feel is related to Siri. Cortana is a search feature that can be activated by voice (click on the microphone in the search bar) or by typing in your question. When I used it a few times I was taken to the Bing Search page for my answers and when I asked Cortana the Date she gave me an audio answer.

Cortana Search Winows 10

Moving along is your Task View which when clicked shows all your active windows and tasks that are currently open. You can also create another desktop. By using the snap feature you can multi task. I can see this being a benefit for those that have large screens. I am currently using a laptop which is too small to view all the windows.

Task View in Windows 10

In Windows 10 Microsoft has introduced a new browser called Edge. Being a Chrome user I am actually surprised how much I like it. Much better then Internet Explorer and it has some features like make a Web Note, which allows you to draw, highlight and clip on the Web page. You can then save the Web Note and have it sent to One note, Favourites or a Reading list for future reference. Edge appears to load very fast, bookmarks can be imported from other browsers as well.

Make a Web note in Windows 10

I was most impressed that my Microsoft Office program from 2007 was still compatible with Windows 10 and all data moved across easily.

So there you have it – this is just a brief review of some of the features in Windows 10. If your considering upgrading, Do it!!!